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Chapter 1: A little about me
So, let me present myself, my name is Stephane St-Pierre and I have  been involved in different network marketing and home business opportunities for some time now and what I enjoy most is serving others and helping them find their purpose in life even though  my career and background have mostly been in sales with some marketing thrown in for added creativity and fun.

At this point in my life path, I am reinventing myself into a blogger, a life coach but most importantly for you reading this, a promoter of the greatest opportunity of transfer of wealth in the history of the world, cryptocurrency. 

My ultimate goal is  #TIMEFREEDOM! 

I have a bachelors degree in finance and have dabbled in the stock market a little, but right now I believe more in the future of cryptocurrency than any one company or industry.


Chapter 2: it's time to free your money!
Cryptocurrencies are the future of currency and no one will ever be able to regulate them completely. Of course, they will try.

However, wealth will not only be created in the trading of cryptos, but also in their mining that is basically creating the bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies via high-speed computers. 

I enjoy what one of the mining companies I have joined said at their more recent conference:
“To power the computers is expensive…about 90% of costs. A newly designed generating system (about the size of a small suitcase) will power 6 server racks at virtually zero cost…the cost advantage is obviously huge!! And new self-contained cooling systems will convert heat to power… using ‘Stable Water Hydrogen Generators’ they will run at virtually zero cost! More awesomeness to reduce mining costs and improve efficiency.”

The technology is very advanced even being the first company to have access to IBMs ‘Watson’ super-computer to optimize their own computers. 

I will not go on and on, but what Cryptocurrency is doing to currency is akin to what the Computer did to the typewriter and what the Internet did to media. It is radically changing all aspects of currency as we know it! Democratizing transactions and empowering individuals, which is what I AM ALL ABOUT!

So without further ado, if you have any interest in getting out of your financial rut, of having genuine Time Freedom, or just earning some income passively or actively, please follow the link below for an AWESOME FREE TRAINING PROGRAM!

So, let’s create this new amazing abundant future together!

I will see you on the other side!
Have a wonderful and abundant day!

Stephane St-Pierre

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